What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need for a 12×12 Bedroom?

If you are wondering what size ceiling fan you need for your room, then it will be better to take the measurement of your room, before purchasing a fan. You may find the fan on different websites, but it is not necessary to buy a fan that is of a big size, just buy a smaller fan.

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It’s just right for a 12×12 room to have a 42-inch ceiling fan. The diameter of the blades is the measurement of the size of the ceiling fans.

Does the fan use more electricity?

The answer is yes, the fan will use more electricity because it will always be working and won’t stop until the speed is zero. The reason is that the motor will not stop and will continue to spin and it will run in continuous mode.

When you are using a ceiling fan, then there is a chance that the blades might break down and the fan will stop working. If the blades break down, then you can take them to a service center. It is the responsibility of the person who is using the fan to maintain it.

There are many other things that are related to the ceiling fan and you can find that on the internet. You can even get a tutorial that can teach you how to install and repair the fan.

How does a Ceiling Fan work?

The best thing about a ceiling fan is that it provides you with a pleasant feeling. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also has some amazing features which will help you to save energy and money.

What are the different types of ceiling fans available?

There are many types of ceiling fans available which will help you to choose the best one according to your needs. Here are the various types of ceiling fans available.

Single speed fans

These are the best fans because they don’t require any motor to run. The blades rotate slowly and produce low-level noise. They are mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Lighting fans

These fans have a built-in light bulb which makes them look beautiful and eye-catching. You can use them in the living room and dining room. These fans are also called light and air fans.

Automatic fans

These fans are automatic. You just have to switch it on and off. These fans are very useful in summer because it produces a cooling breeze.

Remote control fans

With the help of this feature, you can control the speed of the fan and also the direction of the blades. You can also dim the light of the fan.

If you are searching for the best ceiling fan then you should buy one which is made up of high-quality materials.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

Cleaning a ceiling fan is not much complicated, but cleaning a ceiling fan will take a little longer time as compared to cleaning an ordinary fan. To clean your ceiling fan, you just need a vacuum cleaner, a wet mop, an air freshener spray, a broom, and a dust pan. These are the basic tools that you need for cleaning a ceiling fan.

There are a lot of ceiling fans available in the market and if you want to buy one, then you need to check the features before buying. Some ceiling fans are made of plastic and others are made of metal. Plastic ceiling fans are cheaper than metal ceiling fans. So, if you want to buy a cheap ceiling fan, then you can go for a plastic ceiling fan.

You can use the cleaning methods mentioned below for cleaning your ceiling fan:

1) Dustpan and broom method

If you want to clean a ceiling fan with a dustpan and a broom, then you have to start by cleaning the entire fan. Clean the fan frame first, then the blades, and then the motor. Sweep the dust from the fan blades with a broom and then vacuum it.

2) Vacuum method

To clean a ceiling fan using a vacuum cleaner is the best and easiest way. You just have to place the fan near a window and start using the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the fan from the bottom to the top. After vacuuming the fan, you can also clean the fan blades.

3) Spray and mop method

To clean a ceiling fan using a mop and a spray is the easiest and the fastest way. You can start by cleaning the fan blades and then you can start cleaning the fan. Start spraying water on the fan and then start sweeping the water with a mop.

Cleaning a ceiling fan is not difficult but it will take some time to do it. You can choose any of the above methods to clean your ceiling fan.

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