How to Clean Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are very common household appliances nowadays. They are mostly used in the summer to cool down the room. The most important thing is that they are very effective and you can use them to cool down the room.

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Cleaning ceiling fans is not a complicated task. Here are the best tips for cleaning ceiling fans:

Wash the fan blades

Washing the blades will remove the dust and other impurities that have accumulated on them. You don’t need to take any special cleaning agent for this purpose. All you need is a small sponge and some warm water.

Use the dryer sheet

The dryer sheets are very effective for cleaning the blades. You can simply put them in the washing machine and it will automatically get cleaned.

Clean the grille

To clean the grille you need to use a brush and a vacuum cleaner. You can use an old brush that is used to clean the floor and a vacuum cleaner to clean the grille.

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Easiest Way

It is a fact that ceiling fans are one of the most popular home appliances, and for good reason. The fact is that it is the most affordable way to cool your house in summer and warm up in winter. They are easy to use and maintenance, and you can even get them for free.

However, these amazing fans have a downside, which is the dust that gathers in the blades of the fan. You don’t want to leave your house without cleaning your ceiling fan, because it will only make your life a little bit more miserable.

The question is what is the easiest way to clean the ceiling fans? Today I am going to share with you the tips that will make your job easier.

Use warm water and mild soap

First of all, you need to know that water is the best tool to use in cleaning the fans. This is why I advise you to use warm water, and mild soap.

Warm water is best because it won’t harm the blades of the fan, and mild soap will only remove the dirt from the blades.

Wipe them with a soft cloth

Now it is time to wipe the blades of the fan. However, you don’t want to use a towel, because you don’t want to use too much force. You need to use a soft and clean cloth.

Wipe the fan in the same direction as the blades

Don’t wipe the fan in the opposite direction of the blades. Because if you do that, then you will only break the blades of the fan.

Clean the cover of the fan

Finally, when you have finished cleaning the fan, it is time to clean the cover. You need to use a soft and clean cloth because you don’t want to scratch it.

These are the easiest tips that will help you to clean the ceiling fan. If you follow these tips, you can avoid breaking the blades of the fan.

Why do Fans Get Dusty?

There is no doubt that when you use a fan for cooling your room, it will become your best friend. The only issue is that you may be facing problems because dust is very common in fans.

Fans have two main parts that are motor and blades. The blades are what cause the airflow in the fans. You must be thinking why fans get dusty, so let me tell you the reason.

Fan blades are mostly made of plastic, which means they can easily be damaged by dust. As a result, the blades will start breaking and the motor will not work properly.

In such situations, you need to change the blades as soon as possible. If you don’t then the fans will start producing less airflow and also dust will stick to them.

So, the next time you buy a new fan, keep this tip in mind and change the blades before it gets dusty. Here are some tips to keep the fans clean.

Remove the cover

If you have a fan with a cover, then it is a good idea to remove it. The cover is mainly used to protect the motor from dust, but if you take the cover off then you will get to know how much dust is trapped in the fan.

If the fan has a cover, then you should take it off and clean it well. You can clean the fan with a brush and then clean it again with a cloth.

Clean the filter

The fan filter is the main part of a fan, and it will help the air to flow smoothly. The filter is made of metal mesh and it will keep dust from getting into the motor.

So, whenever you have a fan, you must check if the filter is working properly or not. If the filter is dirty, then you should clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

Change the blades

As I have told you earlier that the blades of the fans are made of plastic and they can get damaged easily. If you notice that the blades are getting dull, then you must change them.

You can buy new blades from the market, but it is better if you buy them from a manufacturer as they will provide you with the best quality blades.

The fans can be our best friends but if you fail to maintain them then it will turn out to be a nightmare for you. So, never ignore the fact that fans get dusty, and maintain them regularly.

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